'Starburst' Yoga Mat

68x24 inch


 In this world, having a peaceful place to decompress is essential.

Just imagine a serene space, with pleasant soft aromas, a calming air that kisses your skin as it passes over you, and a radiant satisfaction coming from within - It feels great doesn't it!

This celestial yoga mat can help you find your own paradise. Through yoga, you can unwind and invite peace and love into both your heart and mind. In addition to increasing flexibility and strength, yoga can also promote balance and self care. 

The 'Starburst' yoga mat is great for both beginner and advanced yoga practicers. It can also be used as a mat for other exercise practices, a bright floor runner or rug, or even as towel to lay down on at the beach. 

This yoga mat is a wonderful gift to give anyone who is looking to incorporate more positive and relaxing habits into their lives. 


 68 x 24 in


Sheared microfiber polyester

 Increases grip as you sweat

 Anti-slip natural rubber padding on back


'Starburst' by Kenna Reid - View the entire collection


Pair with the 'Starburst' Tote Bag to carry your yoga essentials like a water bottle, hair ties, a healthy snack, etc!


Packaged and shipped in a long rectangular box.


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