'Paradise' Tough Phone Case



Nowadays, a phone case not only protects our phones but are also a part of our wardrobe and by extension, our identity and how we choose to express ourselves. This 'Paradise' tough phone case can bring harmony and create alignment with who you envision yourself to be while showcasing your unique vibes.

Having inspiring artwork that travels with you at all times can provide a necessary and meaningful soul boost throughout the day. Plus, many wandering eyes will gravitate to your paradisiacal goddess case making it a great conversation starter. Also, be prepared for compliments!

You can choose between a shiny glossy finish or a stylish matte look. With extra durability from the inner lining, this stand-out tough phone case will both protect and accessorize your phone.

Everybody loves a pretty phone case, so treat yourself and send one to your favorite person!


Matte or glossy finish

Wide range of phone options

Material - Polycarbonate, TPU lining

Extra impact resistance


'Paradise' by Kenna Reid - View the entire collection


Pair with the 'Paradise' Tote Bag when you need a place to carry your precious phone case!


Packaged and shipped in a plastic resealable bag.


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