'Crowned' Paper Print



Elevate your space and showcase your taste with this dreamy 'Crowned' paper print! This one-of-a-kind print can add the perfect amount of warmth and positivity to your room.

Imagine walking into your room and your heart sings a joyous melody, you feel lighter and motivated to be your best self. At the heart of those delightful energies is the ‘Crowned’ print. These enhancing moods can also be enjoyed and shared with anyone else entering that space. This is the power of art.  

🌸 There are so many benefits to living with art. It can give your soul a necessary boost to keep you going, and having art in your room can inspire you and encourage you to live your dreams.

🌸 The celestial 'Crowned' print can be hung on your walls with pretty washi tape, a photo hanger, or with ambient fairy lights. You can also create a gallery wall or collage with other SBD prints!

Everybody loves something nice for their walls, so treat yourself and send one to your favorite person! Remember: art is an infinite gift, so you can wake up the next day enjoy it all over again.


✨ 2 sizes

✨ Borderless

✨ Printed on high quality Endura paper

✨ Metallic, lustre, or gloss finish


'Crowned' by Kenna Reid - View the entire collection


Want to match your room when you're out and about? Pair your print with the 'Crowned' Tote Bag as traveling art so the world can catch your vibe!


Small prints are packaged in a flat mailer; larger prints are packaged in a mailing tube.


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It's best to avoid contact with water and prolonged exposure to sunlight.